Dining on the waterfront of Zurich Lake

Dining on the waterfront of Zurich Lake

Strozzi’s Strandhaus, an Italian bar restaurant, as close to the water as possible.

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Myth about Zurich

When do you suppose might be the best time of year to visit Zurich? Before coming to Zurich for the first time, I had the impression that Zurich, and Switzerland in general, was entirely a winter destination. I’m sure many people felt the same. Truth is that all year round, Switzerland is remarkably beautiful. Before I saw it with my own eyes, I could never have believed that Zurich would be so magnificent in the summer time. I thought, for instance, that there might only be limited outdoor dining options. Happily, I was totally wrong about that. All over Zurich, are plenty of wonderful restaurants offering dreamy open-air dining on scenic terraces and gardens.

Dining as close to the water as possible

One of my favourites is Strozzi’s Strandhaus, an Italian bar restaurant, perched as close to the water as it’s possible to be. Strozzi’s restaurant - located at 146 Seestrasse, Herrliberg, just 12 km away from Paradeplatz (Zurich’s famous downtown square) -delivers a charmed dining experience right on the waterfront of Lake Zurich. Not surprisingly, Strozzi’s is considered the meeting point on the Golden Coast of Zurich lake. On warm sunny days, you can even dive from a platform-terrace into the crystal-clear lake, or make a splash by arriving there on your sailing boat.

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Mediterranean ambience

Strozzi’s combines everything I am looking for in a restaurant: stellar location, great ambience, superb food and drinks. It truly is a magical spot to dine and has a totally Mediterranean air. You’ll feel like you’re eating out on one of the Greek islands, Capri, or Saint Tropez. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Strozzi’s Strandhaus Hospitality Stories
Strozzi’s Strandhaus Hospitality Stories

Deck on the lake

There is an amazing deck on the lake, where you can linger over your drinks or enjoy some light bites. This wonderful experience of dining as close to the waterfront as possible, looking out over the sparkling lake, with the colours of the sunset and the lit-up coastline on the opposite side, is magnificently complimented by a fantastic food and drinks menu.

What’s on the menu

Regarding the menu: this is mostly Mediterranean fare, featuring options from homemade pizza and pasta and grilled meat to fresh fish and delicious burgers. I recommend the antipasti, the tomato mozzarella salad and the pizza, paired with a chilled rose wine; there are plenty of great choices on the wine card.

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Location, location, location

In case I haven’t said it enough, the highlight of this restaurant is its much sought-after location. Be warned, when you first arrive, you’ll be so busy swooning over the mystical scenery and taking pictures, that you won’t even be able to think about food. Don’t worry though. That’s completely par for the course at Strozzi’s. After a photo shoot (that usually lasts for a couple of minutes), you will be able to turn your attention to the menu, in order to place your order! You can also visit Strozzi’s just for a glass of wine or a cocktail; though reservations are essential here, especially during summer time.

Strozzi’s, is one of my “must experience” recommendations. I hope you will enjoy it as much as me!

Strozzi’s Strandhaus Hospitality Stories