Stunning Simos beach: Elafonisos’ trademark

Photo credits: Vassilis Papageorgiou

Stunning Simos beach: Elafonisos’ trademark

A showstopping beach in Greece, billed as one of the best in the Mediterranean.

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Where is Simos beach

Even if you haven’t heard of Simos beach on the island of Elafonisos, I’m sure that many of you will have seen the incredible pictures. Simos is yet another showstopping beach in Greece, commonly ranked among the best in the Mediterranean. You’ll find Simos beach on the south-eastern side of Elafonisos island, just 4,5 km from the island’s capital.

Elafonisos island

Elafonisos may not be the most picturesque island in Greece, but it is definitely worth visiting, in order to tick off the Simos experience. Actually, Simos beach is Elafonisos’ most famous trademark. Elafonisos is located opposite Laconia, Peloponnese, close to Neapolis. There is a small village called Vigliafa, from where you can take the small ferry and after just 10 minutes you will arrive at Elafonisos. While still on the ferry, you will see the turquoise waters of the island up ahead and feel the urge to dive in immediately!

Elafonisos Hospitality Stories

Simos beach: a day trip from Monemvasia

Visiting Elafonisos can be part of a day trip too, especially if you plan on visiting the magnificent castle town of Monemvasia. Lots of people come for the day. It’s less than an hour’s drive from Monemvasia to Vigliafa, and then, just another 10 minutes on board the ferry.

Elafonisos Hospitality Stories
Simos Beach Elafonisos Hospitality Stories

The two peninsulas 

Simos is the most famous beach of Elafonisos. In fact, the beach has put the island itself on the map (a well-known camping site was built there many years ago). Simos beach is located between two peninsulas, Frango and Sarakiniko, or in other words, the small and the big beach.

Uniqueness of Simos Beach

What makes Simos so remarkable? It’s the combination of the unbelievable crystal-clear turquoise water, split by soft white sand dunes and the cedar forest, which extends up to the big beach. Both beaches are very well organised; I recommend you to enjoy your swimming at the small one, it is more picturesque. You can enjoy a long stroll along the sand until you arrive at the big one (both beaches are quite close, with just a narrow strip of white sand between them).

Simos Beach Elafonisos Hospitality Stories Photo credits: Vassilis Papageorgiou

Last tips for Simos beach

Time flies when you’re in a place you love. You won’t believe how quickly a whole day can waft by here, and trust me, even then, you will not want to leave stunning Simos. The destination is also recommended for families with young children, as the water is shallow like a wading pool and deepens only gradually. The best time of year to visit Simos beach is late May, in June and then in September. During July and August it is usually extremely crowded (at least it was, before the Corona virus came along). A day at Simos beach, Elafonisos’ trademark, is a day well spent! Enjoy!

Simos Beach Elafonisos Hospitality Stories


Photo credits: Anastasios Kotinas