The lunar landscape of Milos

The lunar landscape of Milos

What is the story behind Sarakiniko

Milos is the spectacular volcanic island in the Cyclades, Greece; over 70 beaches with turquoise waters and powdery golden sands waiting to be explored. My first visit to Milos was in 1997. At the time, it was one of those off-the-beaten- track islands that only a lucky few people knew about. The first time I lay eyes on the incredible lunar landscape of Milos, it stole my breath away. Few places define Milos’ legendary moon-like geography better than Sarakiniko beach – the lunar landscape of Milos, named after the Saracene pirates who once used it as their naval lair. Nowadays, with the pirates long gone, no one should visit Milos without seeing this otherworldly spectacle for themselves. The glowing volcanic rocks bent over the churning sea, the contrast of the blue crystal-clear water with the bone white rocks sculpted by wind and wave is a once in a lifetime sight.

The beach

Sarakiniko doesn’t have the facilities of an organized beach: that’s not its style! It’s just a tiny sandy beach on the north shore of the island; your sunbed for the day will be the white rocks, from where you can dive into the sea. For scuba divers, this is also a dramatic unique aquatic environment for you to explore. Even if you’re not much of a swimmer, I strongly recommend you make a date with the lunar landscape of marvellous Milos for the photos alone!

Ideal visiting time

Sarakiniko is a landscape of unparalleled natural beauty and definitely one of the most photographed beaches in Greece. Because of the many cliff formations, you should be very careful as you climb on the rocks. For your comfort, if the wind blows from the north (the famous Greek “meltemi” wind), I would recommend postponing your visit if possible. Because of its great popularity, Sarakiniko can get quite busy. I try to time my visits in the early afternoon, when the crowds have cleared out for lunch. You can enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea and explore the bright white rocks, feeling like you’ve landed on the moon! The colours of the sky and the sea during the golden hour will amaze you!

Full moon Experience

If you are lucky enough to visit Milos during a summer full moon, don’t miss the chance to soak up Sarakiniko’s amazing ambience. Grab a bottle of wine and some finger food and let the magic unfold! Spectacular Sarakiniko is my top “must-see experience” for Milos.

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