Hydronetta… An unmissable Hydra haunt

Hydronetta… An unmissable Hydra haunt

Hydronetta is one of Hydra’s hottest beach bars and in my book, one of the best beach bars in Greece – if not the world (at least based on the destinations I have visited!).

The perfect combination

Hydronetta, is one of Hydra’s hottest beach bars and in my book, one of the best beach bars in Greece – if not the world (at least based on the destinations I have visited!). Hydronetta blends in perfect harmony everything you could possibly want in a bar: go for a morning coffee or seaside lunch; stay to swim and sunbath, sip on a sundowner cocktail that will slip smoothly into dinner on the rocks or a lively night out.

Ultimate swimming spot

Hydronetta has a prime location very close to Hydra’s harbor. At first sight, it looks like a handsome house at the edge of a rock, hanging over the sea. In Hydra, there are only a few beaches that are accessible by boat, so the most common swimming experience on this stylish isle is to leap from a flat rock into the water. This makes Hydronetta the ultimate swimming spot on Hydra as the beach bar extends out to a rocky surface, perfect for sunbathing, and there’s a ladder from which to take dips and dives into the endless Greek blue sea. I could stay for hours in this place (and often do!). As one of my all-time favourite watering holes, I generally combine my swimming with a light snack and drinks, served on the rocky zig zag veranda above. I usually make a table reservation from noon until 8pm. During this time, I have the chance to swim and sunbath (not only on the deck next to the sea but also sitting at one of the veranda tables), and truly drink in the glorious view. From time to time you’ll see the red water taxis passing by and the local ferry bringing new visitors to this enchanting island that’s won the hearts of so many international artists and actors over the years (everyone from Leonard Cohen to Sophia Loren)!

The magic hour 

And then the magic hour comes. The sunset over the Peloponnese hills will set your Instagram on fire! When the sun takes its bow and the night arrives, Hydronetta changes its costume once again to become one of Hydra’s most atmospheric night spots.

Aperitivo time

Hydronetta… An unmissable Hydra hotspot, for both day and night time! My favourite go-to drinks are the mango and melon daiquiris (order two and you’ll get what’s left in the shaker for free! But if you’re craving a really genuine Greek experience, then go for an ouzo and throw in a few plates of meze to go with it. In Greece, meze are those delicious starters like cheese, tomato, olives, octopus and other Greek antipasti that Greeks enjoy to help their ouzo slip down even more smoothly! Needless to say that the menu at Hydronetta also offers many other tempting food choices like salads, chicken, club sandwiches. During summer time Hydronetta is quite often booked for private functions (weddings, birthday parties, other private events), so I hope you will be lucky enough to visit this amazing place, while in Hydra.

Hydronetta is one of my “must experience” recommendations.