10 great reasons to book your holiday: Α lifetime memory!

10 great reasons to book your sailing holiday:
A lifetime memory!

Sailing boat holidays, one of the best, if not the best way to explore Greece and Turkey on holiday.

Discover 10 great reasons to book your sailing holiday and create a lifetime memory.

The story behind Gulet sailing

I consider sailing holidays, one of the best ways to explore Greece or Turkey, or both. Possibly my most cherished vacations ever were the ones I had on the famous gulet sailing boats in the Dodecanese islands in Greece and alongside the Turkish coast in the Aegean Sea. First of all, let me explain what exactly is a gulet. They are those wooden classic motor yachts with two masts (nowadays there are also some made of PVC), usually built in Turkey, either in Bodrum or Marmaris, that add such a romantic touch to every port or cove they dock at. There are many different types of gulets, ranging from the more classic-standard ones, to deluxe, and right up to the most luxurious, really premium models (and charter prices vary accordingly). Also the time of the year you plan your sailing holiday on a gulet and the itinerary you choose might significantly impact what you’ll pay. Gulets usually offer accommodation in 4-8 cabins (depending on the size of the gulet). Nowadays, they are privately chartered in different Eastern Mediterranean holiday destinations, mainly in Greece, Turkey, Croatia and Italy. The usual charter period covers one-week, from Saturday to Saturday, which at the ease of clients might be extended to two weeks.

Gulet sailing for sea lovers

There are so many reasons to book a sailing holiday adventure, especially if you love the sea. In fact, the only reason I can think of not to consider a sailing holiday is if you get sea sick, because no one can guarantee what the weather will be like, at the time of booking. Nevertheless, in this geographical area, the weather and sailing conditions are usually favourable - and the distances from one destination to the other are generally short. My recommendation is to book a week’s sailing holiday to the Greek islands of the Dodecanese, combined with the Turkish coast. I have done it several times and just loved it! Sailing holidays in Croatia and Italy are on my bucket list too but sadly, I haven’t experienced them yet.

But what are the 10 main reasons to book your sailing holiday and create a lifetime memory?

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1. Safety, safety, safety

This year, more than ever, safety is paramount for any holiday planning. By chartering a private gulet, you are deciding whom you’ll travel with; which destinations you’ll visit; if you’ll dine ashore or on board; and each day, you’ll drop anchor at your “private” beach. If you are planning on travelling abroad, I consider this to be among the safest vacations in 2020.

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2. Convenience

Sailing in a privately chartered gulet is one of the most convenient modes of sailing. In all gulets you will have your own double, well-equipped, comfortable and spacious private cabin, with en-suite bathroom and air conditioning. The outdoor lounge areas, front and aft are huge, including dining area and sun decks. You’ll always be able to claim your own space and privacy. You won’t need to think either about cleaning, changing of bedlinen, towels, shopping, cooking, etc.

3. Captain at your service

All captains are very experienced and knowledgeable in the geographical area where you wish to sail. Although most private gulet charter companies have fixed itineraries, captains can reveal the hidden gems of each destination. If you know the geographical area well, you can also design your own itinerary, upon captain’s approval. This is what I always do.

4. Crew at your service

In most gulets besides the captain, there are at least three more crew members. They are always very polite, discreet and at your service. They are the ones doing all the cleaning, housekeeping, shopping and cooking. It’s just like having your own butlers on board.

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5. Flexibility

You can linger as long as you want in a specific bay for swimming. If you really fall for a location; you can stay longer than one day (if that was your original plan). No worries about finding last-minute accommodation either: it is already booked for you when you charter the gulet.

6. Privacy

Even if you book your holiday during August, the busiest period in the East Med (choose any other summer month if you possibly can!), you can still enjoy your privacy. You will dodge crammed beaches and busy restaurants - your private floating hotel will be the Aegean Sea with its endless blue.

7. Tailor made services and facilities

 Most gulets include for the use of their adventure-loving passengers equipment for snorkeling, fishing and aquatic pursuits like paddleboards, water skiis and zodiacs for off-boat excursions. Upon request you can tailor services and facilities to your holiday appetites (even a baby sitter can be arranged).

8. Visit a diverse list of destinations in one week

By staying at a hotel for one week you can experience maybe one or two destinations. During a gulet holiday, you can visit up to almost ten. The distances from one destination to another are (as already mentioned) rather short: and this allows you to visit one location in the morning hours; another one in the late afternoon or evening.

9. As close to the sea as possible

If you are a sea lover, there is no better way to get your fix: think hidden bays and secret caves that you can visit with the zodiac; rocks to scramble over on small uninhabited islets.

10. Authenticity

Τhe hidden gems and unspoiled treasures of the Aegean are yours to experience at close range. An empty bay can be your private pool for the day; your private restaurant at sunset; or your private hotel for the night. Mesmerising scenery, sunrises and marine marvels that aren’t easily found unless you are on a sailing boat are yours to capture. There is no better way to explore the Greek Islands and Turkey’s Aegean Riviera, than on board a traditional gulet. You will have the incredible opportunity to drop anchor at some of Greece’s lesser-known islands, off-grid treasures with only a few habitants, side-stepping mass tourism completely.

Want more reasons to book your sailing holiday and create a lifetime memory?

Stay tuned for our “168 hours on your Dodecanese gulet cruise ” story


Photo credits: Karavan Travel
Photo credits: Karavan Travel