“By eating fish you live longer…by eating oysters you love more!”

“By eating fish you live longer…

by eating oysters you love more!”

Afropsaro seafood restaurant, a blend of urban-meets-nautical ambience, refined hospitality, excellent service and creative seafood cuisine.

The highlight of your dining experience will be the way the star of the show - the fish - is prepared and served. It’s a true epicurean tale. Afropsaro where city chic meets chilled island vibes and the freshest flavours from the sea.

The ambience
The motto
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The appetizers
Epicurean tale
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The ambience

“By eating fish you live longer…by eating oysters you love more!” This is the slogan of Afropsaro, a popular fish and oyster restaurant in Neo Heraklion, a suburb in the north of Athens. I heard of it from a close friend of mine in summer 2019. From the excitement in my friend’s voice, as he described his experience, I knew that I had to visit Afropsaro for myself as soon as possible! When I did it was love from the first sight, bite and drop! Their success as one of northern Athens’ most in-demand restaurants starts with the way they have created such a classy urban-meets-nautical mood. Afropsaro builds on this with warm hospitality, excellent service and a truly inventive approach to their seafood dishes. From the moment you walk into the restaurant, you’ll appreciate how the owners have aspired to merge the best of city lifestyle and island freshness.

The motto

By the time you finish your meal at Afropsaro, you will definitely find yourself agreeing with their statement, which you can read on the table covers: “By eating fish you live longer …by eating oysters you love more!”.

The decor in both the indoor and outdoor dining spaces captures that relaxed “by the sea” vibe (even though the sea is some 25 kms away!). You’ll select the fresh fish you most desire from an impressive ice-filled marble vase. Known in Greek as “psariera”, meaning the “area” where you can select your fish, this is your entry point to a menu with a difference.

Afropsaro dining experience

You definitely need to eat light the day before you visit this restaurant, because, if you are anything like me, you will be tempted to order everything on the menu!

The service is super attentive, taking care even of small details: for example, dropping a piece of grape, in each wine glass.

The appetizers

From the appetizers, I have yet to try something that I don’t like. The mousse of white roe fish with break of cuttlefish ink, the elegantly-plated smoked aubergine with spicy tomato cream, the octopus, the seabass carpaccio, the tuna tartare ... I loved them all. Allow me to also recommend two salads that I’ve enjoyed greatly: one with different types of cherry tomatoes and sour cheese from the area of Elassona (Northern Greece), and another with quinoa, cucumber and shrimp. From the main dishes, I rate the lobster carbonara as a very creative combination. It might be on the heavy side, especially if you order it just for yourself as a main dish, but we shared it among our group as an appetizer and each one of us had just a bite. It was outstanding.

A true Epicurean tale


To me, this is what makes Afropsaro really stand out from the pack. Let me explain why: In Greece, the fish is traditionally served either grilled, boiled or fried. But in Afropsaro, you won’t have to make that choice because the fish is served in three different and creative ways, leaving nothing to waste: It is a combination of fresh fish, the way it is cooked or NOT-cooked (part of it is row) and the way it is presented. In other words, you will enjoy your fish in more than just one way because they split it into three parts: The head is made into a risotto or fricassee (served with seasonal vegetables); and the rest is served up as a grilled fish dish, and last but not least, sushi. For me, this is what makes Afropsaro so special and so worth the visit! The taste is delicious; and no matter how full you are from all those delectable appetizers; you just can’t resist tucking into every new culinary incarnation of your fish!

Are you a seafood lover?

If you are a seafood lover and you share the slogan “By eating fish you live longer…by eating oysters you love more!”, Afropsaro is definitely one for your Athens shortlist.

You’ll find it at 62-66 Marinou Antipa Street, in Neo Heraklion, just 12 kilometres from Syntagma Square (downtown Athens).

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